1Password to add telemetry



Gotta admit I started panicking when I saw this. I will opt out but I do think it’s a good move for them.


I am in the middle of moving off 1Password right now. The new interface is so much worse than the old one. It’s prettier, but I used to be able to get to my favourites instantly and now it’s much more effort. I also don’t like the new mini thing (shift+command+space) as I’m logically going to use it when I need to copy and paste credentials but it still prioritises launch and fill (a feature i’ve never, ever, even once used).

I also noticed it was using an average of FOUR WHOLE GB of memory when it was running in the background. I’m not precious about memory usage but this is some poorly written garbage. Even Microsoft Teams, probably the most garbage of all garbage Electron apps doesn’t need this much memory for no apparent reason.

@rob’s link is really spot on. 1Password aren’t just actively hostile to non-enterprise customers at this point, they’re also actively dishonest about it.

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Did you mean 1Password instead of Dropbox?

(In this context)

FWIW: I’m still a 1Password customer and rather enjoy some of the more enterprise focused recent additions, like SSH support and the CLI version.

Yeah I clearly had just finished posting about dropbox and my fingers had ideas my brain wasn’t entirely in control of.

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I have no plans to drop 1PW. But if you are looking for an alternative one resource I use when selecting software/vendors is cvedetails.com. It is a catalog of “publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities” that I find is easier to use than cve.org

I like to see what problems Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, 1Password, Bitwarden, Lastpass, etc. have reported and hopefully fixed. (And I tend to be suspicious of software that’s been around for a few years and never reported anything.)

As far as this comment on Hacker News: “We want standalone non-subscription licenses”. I think subscription software is here to stay. The developer of a relatively new password manager put it this way:

“We have decided to remove the one time purchase option as it is, and always was, a completely unsustainable business model”

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Really missing the point and not at all disputed.

FYI: mine is using 108 MB

I’m a little disappointed that this isn’t in this week’s ATP show notes. I saw Casey post about it on Mastodon the other day and thought for sure he’d light it up like he did Apple Radar/Feedback a few weeks ago.

Seems like a perfectly reasonable and well-executed plan on the part of 1Password. I have no plans to opt out of anything whenever it rolls out to end users.


agreed, not sure what the fuss is about.

@Alevyinroc - Marco collects usage stats and I’m sure the other hosts do in their apps too - would be a bit of double standards for them to rail against it.

I genuinely think that makes it even more worth them voicing their opinions, because telemetry is helpful in understanding their users instead of listening to a vocal (probably) minority. Especially a product with an international audience where the team (mostly) only reads opinions in English.