1Password to Teamviewer windows password input

I need a way to get 1Password saved passwords into my Teamviewer sessions at the remote Windows login screen. Copy and Paste will not work. I’ve reached out to 1password support to no avail. What do you guys suggest? I’m an IT Director and the password i’m speaking of only changes every 90 days.

It may be banned by Microsoft. On Windows, Microsoft does not enable the clipboard until after a user has logged into the device.

There are some (usually banking) websites that do this in the browser, which is very annoying. It’s done for security reasons but it actually pushes typical users to either create too-simple passwords, or to repeat already-remembered ones.

Can you drag the password from 1P into the login window?

If you have keyboard maestro, you can have keyboard maestro you can set a key sequence combo (e.g: ;type) which will type out the contents of your clipboard.

Yes, “Insert by typing”.

i think i’m close. any help?

You still need to get the password on the clipboard before typing that text.

For that you could use these 2 actions:

  • to open the correct entry in 1Password you could use the Open URL action with URL onepassword://extension/search/TeamViewer (if the item is named TeamViewer)
  • to copy the password to the clipboard: simulate keystroke ⇧⌘C

Note that 1Password needs to be unlocked for this work.

I use a similar macro in a different context; note that there is a risk you will accidentally be typing your password at the wrong place…

well… i can’t explain this because it wasn’t working it was literally typing %SystemClipboard%.

i just tried it and it works fine now. Well thanks for an even better way of doing this!