1Password vs RememBear

I stumbled across RememBear on the featured page of the app store today! Has anyone tried it? I’m going to test it but wondered if anyone has any thoughts on it’s features/security.

Stick with what we know is trustworthy…

RememBear is run by TunnelBear which was acquired by McAfee. I definitely want to keep security in mind - but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s “untrustworthy”.

*** Can’t opt out of data collection**

That’s for an entirely different product that McAfee offers. That has nothing to do with RememBear!

Its the overall policy of this company. But hey go ahead and report back in a year or so from now.


Update on this - it’s definitely too buggy to be of much use at the moment! I like the clean interface and the ability to “click” for passwords in the login fields…but it sometimes offers to save passwords that I already have created and sometimes doesn’t fill in passwords correctly! I like it - but it needs more time to be developed!

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Thank you for doing the community a service! :wink: