1Password warnings

I have been a long-time drinker of the 1Password kool-aid. In one of the recent iterations, I have a banner every time I’ve re-used a password. There are certain sites that I am not worried about security (the library, etc) and I choose to make it simple. I do not have Watchtower on at all. Is there any way to delete these warnings?

That’s funny. Two of the compromised sites Watchtower warns me about are my municipal library and my uni library.

Just update the passwords with unique ones. After all you are using 1 password to fill them inn for you right?

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A similar question is recently being asked at the 1Password support site, it’s not yet answered, but that would resolve your issue.

Why even have a password manager if you choose not to have unique and strong passwords for all your accounts no matter if they’re important or not?

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It’s not just about re-using the same password on multiple sites. I get the warning for passwords I’ve only used once, but I still have the entry for the password in the passwords category where it was generated as well as in the login itself. This makes no sense as a warning.

However, there is also plenty of reason to let certain sites re-use passwords, i.e. for sites that (a) are of low security need, (say a newspaper you subscribe to) and (b) you share the login with someone else, like a spouse. This was especially true before iOS 12 when entering passwords from 1PAssword was a multi-step process and you were sharing a login with someone not tech savvy.

E.g. see the example in the 1Password site: Some passwords can have been externally assigned, without an option to change it.

Or having a shared set of low-critical passwords with someone without a password manager.

The main reason to have a ‘low-critical’ password is ios. If I’m requesting a book from the library, it was extremely annoying to have to go to 1P, copy and then paste. This has changed with ios 12, of course, so I will re-think the strategy but would still like to get rid of the warning until I can change them.