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1Password acquires Passage, will offer new passkey tools

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Securing their (password-less) future?


This seems like more of a growth opportunity for 1PW than SecretHub. SecretHub has to compete with established secrets management services, and almost every app is already doing something about secrets, even if their practice is bad. Whereas there are so many apps that haven’t begun to think about supporting this kind of authentication.

On the password management side, anything this company can do to accelerate 1PW’s first class support for secure-but-portable keys will help, but the synergy between passkey server/app services and their broader password management service is escaping me. Not saying that means it will hurt either company.

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As a developer, I love all the things 1Password has done for developers (SSH agent, CLI, REST API, Connect, Service Accounts), after acquiring SecretHub:


1Password has a new landing page about their webauthn support coming next year. The phrase that jumped out to me was “digital secrets”; I think this hints at their branding evolution as the definition of password increasingly broadens.

There’s a live demo you can try in Chrome if you have their extension installed. Pretty smooth, though the lack of early Safari support is a little embarrassing even if understandable.

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