1PW 8, can't install Safari Extension

I installed 1PW 8 and uninstalled 1PW 7. However, I cannot get the 1PW Safari extension to install. I’ve followed all of the instructions on the 1PW site but nothing works. However, IF I reinstall 1PW 7 (giving me two installations of 1 PW (7 & 8) I’m able to install the Safari extension. I’ve restarted Safari, rebooted the MBP but still nothing. I even turned off 1Blocker but that did not help (so I turned it back on). Here is what I see:

Am I doing something wrong? Solutions?

What happens if you try and add the extension directly from Safari via the “App Store”?

I tried, same problem. :frowning:

So you installed the extension from the App Store and it’s not showing up as an option? I might uninstall completely and start over in that case. I remember reading somewhere in the support forum that there was a process for migration, but I can’t recall if that only applied if you were part of the 1Password 8 Beta.

That is correct, only if I reinstall 1 PW7 will the extension show up in Safari. As to 1PW 8, I’m not brave enough to use a Beta so I never installed the Beta. I just installed 1PW 8 this week and deleted 1PW 7. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m baffled. :thinking:

In the past I have had success with this:

It says discussion closed.

If you want I can try to put this in text format so you can copy and paste.

Here it is as text: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -f -R /Applications/Safari.app

Man, I hate messing with the terminal given my lack of technical expertise but here goes … :crossed_fingers:t3:

It worked, THANK YOU!!

This forum is full of awesome helpful folks!

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