2 shows you can learn from (and have fun with)

Last weekend I watched 'Inside Bill’s Brain" on Netflix. A very well made documentary about Bill Gates which I recommend (and also to listen to Cortex episode 99 afterwards).

Last night, I thought I’d give another go to documentaries.

I listen to a lot of music genre and one of them is… well, whatever the genre that Beastie Boys play :grinning:

So I watched Beastie Boys’ documentary on Apple TV+

Some great take-aways:

  • Fall and rise, but never stop
  • Think out-of-the box to create an impact
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment (in their case, music wise of course!)
  • Get a “Yauch” in your life

Also, both Bill Gates and the Beastie boys documentaries show them going from arrogant kids who believe so much in their mission in life to wise grown ups that have learned throughout the way. The power of WHY?

And there it was. A theatre full of people to watch Beastie Boys telling the story of three MCs and one DJ, living in a Intergalatica world, getting through Sabotage(s)!but always with a Fight For a Your Right mindset (all the puns intended).

Even if it’s not your cup of tea I’d still recommend it. :star::star::star::star::star:

PS - would you recommend any other documentaries? I’d like to make this a pattern for my weekend nights!


Dark Days and American Movie are two that I particularly enjoyed.

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The most moving documentary I’ve ever seen is A Walk to Beautiful. Its story has stuck with me since I first saw it in 2008. Available online.

Not a doc, but based on a true story, Rabbit Proof Fence is another moving film. In Australia until 1977, if an aboriginal person and a white person had a child, the child was taken away from their parents and placed in institutional care. This movie is the story of three such girls.

Rural middle school students in Tennessee in the US develop a project to honor the people killed in the Holocaust. Paper Clips (2004)