2 Thunderbolt 3 docks on M1 MacBook Air?

I’m running a CalDigit TS3 Lite on my M1 MBA. Problem is that I’m having to switch out USB devices since I have a couple more that I have ports for. These are all backed up on BackBlaze, so I’d like to have everything plugged in. Would there be any problem adding a powered hub to the other TB port on the MBA? If not, any suggestions?



On my Studio (and tried on my MacBook Pro) I have a TS3 and the Caldigit Element hub plugged in and working fine.

Don’t see why the air would be any different.


same here no problems.

You have to be careful what you connect to which hub. The difference f.i. could be power draw. The Caldigit TS3 is powered, so OK to hang hard drives off. The Element is best for other or self-powered peripherals

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My Element hub is powered too, it charges my MacBook Pro :slight_smile:

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That prompts a question. Is there any problem having 2 devices that are providing power to the MBA?

There shouldn’t be. There certainly wasn’t when I was using both an eGPU (that supplies power) and a Thunderbolt dock (that also supplies power) to my 2019 MBP. The Mac chooses on and uses that.

No the first power supply takes precedence and the other won’t be charging.

Could you hang a 7+ port USB 3.0 hub off the existing Thunderbolt hub?


Not sure if you’re suggesting this or posing it to the forum?

Suggesting it as an option. Does it make sense as an option?

Thanks, @Vincent_Ardern.

I hope it makes sense because I just ordered one! I got a 7-port with external 12V power since I think I’m going to keep the portable USB drives on the CalDigit and try to keep my StreamDeck and the desktop (powered) USB drives on the hub. So, the hub shouldn’t have to spend a lot of power on portable drives.

I’ll see how it works out. Thanks for the idea.