20 Best Apple Notes App Tips

For those who may be interested or perhaps have not seriously considered Apple Notes as one’s primary note taking app.


Thanks. I’ve been reading your saga of moving to Notes for most of your tasks. I’ve been inspired to do the same thing. I’m finding it has the right combination of simplicity and configurability that I can focus on the task and not get sidetracked trying to fiddle with things. (Which is true of most of the Apple eco-system in my opinion.)

One nice thing I’ve discovered, particularly as I serve on a large number of school/non-profit boards, is that you can use notes to collect all the meeting documents and my notes, and then after your sure you won’t be editing that event’s info further, export the whole shebang to DevonThink. DevonThink works well maintaining my notes and including the original attached documents. Makes a great long term storage place and helps keep my Apple Note database smaller.

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That is a great idea. One reason I prefer Apple Notes to something like Obsidian for my notes is precisely because I can move my notes WITH the attachments to other locations/apps. Apps that are only plain text keep attachments separate which means one has to separately move them and relink them if one wants them connected to the note text. I prefer to have them attached as originally written.

And, once imported to DEVONthink all of the notes, dashboard links, to-dos, tables and attachments are preserved. And, the links in the dashboard in the note work in DEVONthink. Additionally, as I’ve noted before, one of the great benefits of DEVONthink is the ability to convert these imported notes to other formats. Overall, a great system.

Here is an example of a note containing text, a table, to-dos, and an attachment in Apple Notes imported to DEVONthink.

Apple Note

To and In DEVONthink

Note IN DEVONthink showing dashboard, table, to-dos, and attachment.

Functional Dashboard link from Apple Notes working in DT

DT Conversion Options

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 6.56.32 AM