2009 Mac Pro 4.1 still a beauty after all these years

As my 2009 Mac Pro 2009 (The Cheese Grater Mac) turns 14. I am still in love with the styling, functionality and upgradeability. I started off with a single cpu 4 core 2.4 Ghz with 16 MBs of RAM machine, then upgraded to a single core 6 core 3.46 Ghz processor with 64 MBs of RAM and now have won an eBay auction to go for a dual CPU with 12 Cores and 24 threads 3.46 Ghz and 128 MBs of RAM. I went from spinning drives to SSD’s and now just ordered my first NVME drive with 2 TBs. I have an RX580 Video Card and have upgraded the operating system to Monterey via Open Core. The ol’ gal still flies and will be really fast once all the new items are installed. I Love my Mac Pro and I supplement it with an M1 Macbook Air and iPad mini. Thank you Apple for your attention to style and detail!


Greg (a happy camper)


I love how the community has kept those machines going all this time!

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I reluctantly retired my fully loaded 2008 version in 2019. I gave it to charity and know it is still working fine 15 years on. It’s now used as a homework PC in a community centre. Had it side by side with a dustbin Mac Pro, which never got as much love as the cheesegrater. The dustbin was also retired when the Mac Studio came out. I know it is still working fine with the buyer and he is happy with it.

I haven’t looked back since the switch to Apple Silicon but would love to see another generation-defining machine like the cheesegrater.

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