2012 MacPro. Better off sell it for parts?

I listed my 2012 MP on eBay with little success. It’s a pretty loaded up machine with 12 cores, 64GB Ram, upgraded video card and Bluetooth 4.0. No takers.

Think now, sell it in parts. Seems to be a better route looking at EBay.

Anyone have other outlets for used Macs they can recommend? Hate to just sell off the individual parts when it’s a great Mac. Perfect for some things, like audio if you need a lot of expansion.

Any thoughts?

Look at what’s sold, not what’s listed. The risk of parting it out is that you could wind up with a partial computer that you can’t sell either. :slight_smile:

That said, what are you trying to get for it? I would imagine that even a loaded 2012 is worth a lot less due to lack of updates and the new M1 Macs. The bottom seems to be falling out on the Intel stuff.


Have you tried Macsales.com?

Agree with @webwalrus , parting out is a risky proposition.

I don’t think you will get much for it financially via either route.

But there are many uses for such a computer - for yourself, for kids, or to donate to others.

For example, I just converted my older Mac Pro to a flight simulator for my kids using Bootcamp and X-Plane/MSFS. It probably would also be a good machine for a family NAS unit using open source TrueNAS software. And so many other possibilities.

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If you want to repurpose it, why not use it as a linux / docker machine? There’s a lot of potential still, even though it will no longer run an updated version of macOS, it will run most of the latest linux OS’

My 2015 macbook is running Ubuntu with a docker instance serving Plex and Nextcloud to my network.
It now again is an awesome beast of a machine.

Unless you really want the $$ right now, just box it up and put it in your closet. You will always have a backup notebook, and in some years, it will be retro and more rare, and you will get a nice price for it.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am really working hard to simplify and remove things from my world - not add additional stuff :slight_smile: I have thought about playing around with Linux on this box, but I don’t need the distraction, and it goes against my desire to simplify and condense.

This is a fair suggestion, and me of 3 years ago would have not even asked, just put it in the “museum” with all my other old macs (used to include: Mac Classic, PowerBook 5300, Powerbook G4, Mac Performa 575, Original Orange iMac, iMac G5, white iBook). But now, I don’t have the room, don’t want to curate the museum any longer, and feeling like someone could get some use of it, rather than it sitting in my basement.

Rather than part it out, perhaps I will donate it to my local Community College (if they are interested). Thanks again.


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If you itemize for taxes this might be the best way to fly. Depending on where you’re donating it, it might be eligible as a tax deduction. You could spec the value by looking up what a place like OWC would sell it for, and document it.

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Yeah - I do itemize. The issue is you can only write off the un-depreciated amount (as I understand it) - and since I have written this off as a business expense, I don’t think I can double dip. But a call to an accountant will clear it up.

Perhaps someone here will know the answer?

Ah, yeah…fair enough. You probably can’t do that.

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If you have deducted it for business purposes, then surely it has been long-since fully depreciated. Thus there is no further deduction for a donation.

But there is a flip-side reason why it makes sense to donate it. Assuiming it is fully depreciated, if you were to sell it then the money from selling it counts as income subject to recapture tax. Thus you would only get to keep a fraction of a limited amount you would recover anyway.

So either repurposing it or donating it seem to make more sense.


Yes, that is a very good point. I hadn’t thought of that. I will find a good home for it.