2015 5k IMac CPU/NVME Upgrade

Hi Guys,

I am new here, what a fantastic forum this is, I am considering upgrading the CPU on my treasured 2015 27 IMac to an i7 7700k from an i5. I know this is quite a daunting task but seems like the most logical option, rather than buying a new machine. I am thinking about sticking an NVME drive in whilst I am at it, my computer came without a fusion drive, however I am sure the IMac still has a PCIe slot, can anyone qualify this? Also has anyone attempted what I am looking to do? I have previously replaced my Hard drive with an SSD without much trouble. That’s the type of level i am at.

Any Pointers/advice would be useful


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I take it you reviewed the ifixit guide for cpu replacement? The i7 7700 is reported by some users not to be compatible, however the i7 6700K is. Best to review your choices well before opening up the beast

Some processors like the 7700k you’re interested in have 91w power draw which I believe is too high to go in your iMac.

The i7-6700 is a 65w processor that’d work, as would be the i7-6700T (35w). Even with these processors macOS might thermal throttle the processor if needed, so your upgrade won’t necessarily be as fast as you’d expect or like.

I agree that you should consult iFixit.

If this iMac didn’t come with a Fusion drive setup… you don’t have a PCIe slot on the MLB.

I can’t recommend this upgrade path, as it is a great deal more effort than replacing a HD.

Best of Luck!

Thanks for the advice, my understanding is that they all have a pci slot, only the non Fusion Drive IMacs have an empty slot. Quite a few people have verified this on YouTube.