2015 MBP 15" battery recall: FAA announcement

Anyone have their 2015 MBP 15" recalled by Apple due to the battery? Have you had any trouble taking it on planes?

Recently the FAA banned those 2015 MBP 15" with faulty batteries but nothing announced that indicates how / if the ban will be enforced. What happens if your affected MBP got the battery replacement - I presume it’s allowed on the plane? Practically does TSA check serial numbers, or are they depending on passengers to confirm that their MBP does not have the recalled battery?


All recalled batteries are banned by the FAA. I think they’re going to have to rely on passengers to do due diligence, if they start checking serial numbers it’ll be a “get to the airport hours early and hope for the best” scenario.

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Quite: Mine is a mid-2015 15” MBP but thankfully NOT one affected (serial number checking telling me that).

I’m not looking forward to proving mine is OK - and I doubt it will come to that as EVERYONE will be asked to show their laptop in more detail than now, not just MBP 15” owners.

(I’ve a lot more travel coming up in the timeframe this can really blow up in.)

My MacBook Pro does qualify for the program and I had the repair done. How am I to prove that the battery was replaced? Will they accept a low recharge cycle count on a four year old computer? The email from Apple doesn’t state what repair was done, just that a repair was completed.

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In the same boat – serial number cleared me from requiring the replacement, but not looking forward to clearing security for my trip to Europe in a few months…

If you run the serial number on the recall checker, it’ll say the laptop’s fine now, won’t it? Printing that off is my plan, and making sure someone comes with me to the airport to take the MBP if a guard still insists is the backup plan. :cry:

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It says “The serial number you entered may be eligible for this program.…”, so that doesn’t help.

It was easy, once I got it rolling. It took a chat session and two phone calls to actually get them to send me a box for the repair. One that was done, they can’t fly these to the repair center so ground transportation took about 4 days. The repair was completed the day they received my machine and I had it back by noon the next day.

So except for the bad first two attempts, it went smoothly. It was cool to see the battery cycles on a 4 year old computer at zero. I wish I had taken a screen shot.

Ah, sorry. I had my battery replaced a few months before the recall for an unrelated reason, so I misunderstood the "everything’s fine with this device” message I get from the serial number check.

But yes, the new life this grants the otherwise-invaluable pre-Butterfly MBP is amazing!

Or maybe the much more recent manufacturing date for the battery than the Mac itself in coconutBattery?