2015 retina MacBook Pro - found an SSD upgrade that works, finally

After not being able to use OWC’s upgrade kit (kernel panics), and trying a Feather M13 (crashes on boot/wake, and during use), I finally have found a solution that works:

Thanks @Lars for mentioning the Sintech adapter. I read Sintech’s info, and they had a list of SSDs that worked, and SSDs that might cause problems. I went with a safe bet.

The WD drive isn’t the speediest on random reads, but I haven’t noticed any difference in performance from the original SSD. FYI, Feather’s speed claims are faster than my iMac Pro, so here’s a grain of salt •

I’ve had the WD and Sintech installed for over a week now without anything unusual happening, no kernel panics, no crashes.

Drive Performance

DiskMark Version 2.1 (2.1)

Unless specified, values are megabytes per second (MB/s)

Drive Trial # Seq Read Seq Write Rand Read Rand Write CCC (GB/min)
WD Black 1T 1 2207 1593 61 114
WD Black 1T 2 2219 1695 60 117
Feather M13 1T 1 1446 1128 137 101
Feather M13 1T 2 1429 1143 148 100
2015 MBP SSD 1 1713 722 165 117
2015 MBP SSD 2 1703 1125 166 118
SanDisk 1T Extreme 1 344 417 30 84 13.54
SanDisk 1T Extreme 2 341 411 29 79
WD Elements 1 53 46 51 9.5 2.51
WD Elements 2 93 73 53 9.1
JetDrive SD Card 1 86 70 13 13
Kingston DT 2 thumb 1 14 1.7 9.1 2.3
Kingston USB3 thumb 1 111 9.8 12 0.0

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Great discovery! I was already planning on buying the Feather M13 but I’m afraid it’ll have the same issue with you. Do you think your setup of Sintech + WD Black SN750 will work for my iMac 27" 2019?

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I have no idea. It was such a trial and error process to find the combination that worked for mine that I would be afraid to speculate. Especially since an iMac upgrade is much more involved. Maybe start a new thread and ask people what is known to work.

I will thanks a lot John! Have you tried contacting Fledging for the wake/sleep issue? Maybe they have a fix?

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Yes. Their workaround was to disable parts of the sleep/wake functionality. After trying that, I still had crashes, sometimes when working on my laptop (using Keynote, etc.). I returned it to Amazon for a refund.

@nemoryoliver - we have replaced original HDDs and SSDs in several laptops but only old ones that are out of warranty. We typically consult OWC and iFixit for parts and instructions for doing these replacements.
For your 2019 iMac, since it’s under warranty, I’d suggest finding an Apple certified repair / reseller who will do this for you, and will have suggestions about what parts to use.

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I saw this question and so joined the site. I use the 2015 MBP and have recently changed the drive from a 128gb Apple drive to the WD SN750 500GB using the Sintech adaptor and using MacOS Mojave. Its not the first time i have done this and the last time i used the Samsung 970 Evo and MacOS High Sierra which has been tried and tested. So far with the SN750 I have had absolutely no issues at all. My main reason for upgrade was space so the speed, read and write issues were not a concern and to be honest just for the boot up speed there is not a dramatic difference compared to the Apple stock drive. Again, no running issues so far and the system has been up and running using DJ software and anylizing hundreds of music files and without any problems. If you are considering the purchase of the SN750 for your Mac then from experience I can say that the drive most certainly is compatible via the adaptor and capable to perform whatever you need to do.

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