2018 iPad Pro + Multitasking = Crash?

I have the 2018 12.9” iPad Pro 1TB. This has 6 GB of ram, right?

About once a day, I get the black screen of death, with the white spinner. It only takes a few seconds, but then all my apps are closed, tabs have to reload, etc.

This happens when I’m multitasking for web dev work (multiple browsers, terminal, image editor, text editor, etc), so I’m wondering if the machine is just overtaxed and ran out of memory? If so, I’m surprised because this iPad has the most memory available, and despite that, iOS is supposed to have better memory management. I shouldn’t have to manually close apps.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I have seen a similar issue when running an image editor and applying multiple edits after loading a big file. I can’t say if it ran out of memory or crashed due to something else though…

An update to the app fixed that, so it may be one (or more) apps you use that is misbehaving somehow.

I haven’t experienced this error in my 12.9 256gb iPad Pro.

I experience this when using Affinity Photo with complex images that have lots of layers. Using 256gb 11”. It does seem to relate to when it’s under a high workload because it never happens in other circumstances. When dealing with less complex images the app never crashes.

I get this constantly on my iPhone XS Max (and before that on my 6S Plus) when going from Photos to Edit In Camera+ and then trying to save after applying 2 or more filters and then a picture frame. I’ve learned that if I want to do post-production on an image I need to start in Camera+ first, and then I have no problems.


Great Photo by the way

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The crashing has substationally reduced for me. It must be the apps I’m using, although I can’t pin it on any particular one. When I first got my iPad, I was trialing lots of apps, tuning my workflow. I’m now using fewer apps, so I suppose I must have dropped the culprit(s).