2018 MacBook Air Wifi Speed

Hello all,

I’ve noticed lately (a lot) that my switching between websites has become a lot slower lately. To the point that if I need to do some research, heading to a new website I get the “blue line of death” (aka loading progress indicator). This means that a “quick lookup” runs into minutes across the day, which is both a first world problem and quite frustrating.

I just did a (non exhaustive, non-peer reviewed) test against the FBH’s MacBook Air with M1 chip and hers did seem to load faster on most occasions - like instantly.

Could there be some degradation in the wifi at all?

Any thoughts on settings to look at changing? The other day the delay was so bad it was almost unusable. Don’t really want to upgrade (well, of course I do, but I shouldn’t have to with a 2018 model! :wink: )

If there is already a thread on this please let me know


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This could be caused by any number of things but my first bit of advice is always “Check for WiFi interference.” If there is another WiFi network nearby that is operating on the same frequency and channel it will cause all manner of issues.

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If the other M1 machine was on the same network and wifi was interfering, it would have also had slow load speeds?

Some options to troubleshoot the issue:

  • try a different DNS (f.e.
  • clear all history and cookies
  • check if connecting to a network share also takes a long time
  • try pinging a server in- an externally
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Thanks guys, will have a look today.