2018 MacBook Air

I just picked up a 2018 MacBook Air (16 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD) for my wife. She was on a 2013 iMac I dropped a SSD in, but she wanted to go back to a notebook. Have it hooked up to a refurbished LG Ultrafine 4K USB-C display.

Going to be working on a review, and I wanted to know if anyone had any questions about the machine…


Just gave essentially that same model (16/256) to my daughter for her 17th bday. I was torn between that and what looks like a comparably priced MacBook Pro non TB. She had a previous MBA so stuck with same form factor which she loves, not too mention it came in gold! But can’t say I could really tell why one is better / worse than the other. Had read all the reviews on this and related sites/podcasts and seemed like a toss up. While my daughter does Girls Can Code, the vast bulk of her use is for normal high school stuff: google docs, web, NFLX, Spotify, FaceTime and multiple person video chats, etc.

I know a lot has been written and said about the indistinguishabilty of the Mac laptop line…but it is really hard to know which one to buy…perhaps it is simply a toss up performance wise for “regular” use cases and doesn’t really matter. Yes, no? I found helpful in the Mac Mini podcast how you discussed how i3 could work for most people and only a few needed the i7 hyperthreading.

Notably, none of my (high school aged) kids want to be iPad only…they want and claim to need laptops despite the use cases cited above, all of which seem doable on iPad Pro…of course the iPad Pro 12.9 isn’t really cheaper anyways…