2018 MacBook Pro issues

I just picked up a new 2018 13" MBP.
Siri does not work.

It starts however nothing happens when I talk. It usually comes back with an error that my sound settings are not set right… I have confirmed that the mic is woking fine and that it is set as the default in the sound settings. I have even tried type to Siri and that does not work either…
It will let me type in to the box and hit enter, however Siri does not do anything with the information.
It may also be worth mentioning that dictation is not functioning either…

I have tried quite allot of things to try to fix it including things like changing the language. I have even done a complete reformatting of the drive and reinstall of the operating system. It is still not working…

I am looking for two things.

1: I need a screen shot from someone who has a working copy of macOS Mojave. The screen shot needs to be of the Siri settings in the settings app. Preferably from someone who has a T2 chip in their Mac as well…

2: The second thing I am looking for is advice from anyone who has tried fixing this already…

  • I know I am running a beta, however Siri did not work on macOS High Sierra either.


Are you on the mojave beta?

yes, I am on the beta…

ah… and when you revert back to High Sierra?

(remember mojave is not yet fully released, so you must expect issues)

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Side note: I was excited to get Siri on Mac and proceeded to use it… twice exactly, lol. I didn’t find it useful as I do on iOS devices.

Before this gets blasted on Mac Rumors as 2018 MB Pro issues.
I suggest to rename the title of this to 2018 MB Pro MOJAVE BETA issues