2019 16” MacBook Pro - your thoughts?

Hi all,

I’m thinking about buying a fully loaded 16” MacBook Pro, and am curious if there’s anything that I may need to know about it!? Any gotchas, upsides/downsides, pros/cons, etc?


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I am looking at one also. As of now, I would get one at Costco; as they are $200 off list.

Note my 2012 mid-year is having a hard time. A lot of little problems, just to many.

I have one that’s maxed out except for the SSD, something that I kept at 2TB and the only downside that I’ve found so far is that my Thunderbolt docks can’t power it fully when it’s really working hard. Honestly, it’s about the best problem to have with a MBP though.

I got one about a month ago with 64GB of RAM and a 4TB HD. I love being able to open lots of files at once and not having to shuffle projects around so much.

The 16” is noticeably heavier than the 15" MBP that it replaced. Might be something to think about if you will be traveling with it. Also, it just barely fits in my bag. It should fit in most places that a 15" would, but if you have a case that’s an exact fit for a 15, it could be an issue.

I was worried about charging the batteries with the docks that I bought for my old 15". Hasn’t been a problem so far.


Ordered mine about 4 weeks ago but it will be shipped by March 2 (it now moved to March 6 most likely because of the factory shut down in China). Been using my iPad Pro (2018) 12” as my main device for over a year now. Since they’ve brought back the old keyboard, I decided to go back to working on a Mac. There’s something about the 16” MBP that made me excited using a Mac again.

Got the base model and upgraded the drive to 1TB and a 32GB RAM. I do design and UX work so the configuration is just enough for me.

What do you plan to use it for?

I use mine for a wide variety of tasks from programming, CAD to photoshop and LogicPro. I use it with a second display most of the time. The device performs well although i do have some display problems sometimes (when plugging in external display) but that could be the usb c dongle (always gets fixed when i power cycle the computer).

Primarily for photography editing.

The 16” should be fine for that, the display is great. Just about any configuration is ok though the 8 core and amd 5500 will give better performance. I would not get the 2.4g processor - it is 200 bucks for a hardly noticeable speed increase. Get as much RAM as your wallet permits, then get as much ssd as makes sense.

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I got mine a couple of weeks ago.

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else but:

I was sold on the new MacBook as soon as I saw it live in a store and noticed that the area around the trackpad is slightly bigger than before. One of my biggest minor issues with these MBPs has been the inability to rest a finger between the trackpad and the keyboard.
Just this modification alone is huge for me.

Other than that, this new one with 6 cores 1tb ssd 16gb ram replaced my 2018 6-core 256gb ssd 16gb ram MacBook. Using the new 16 inch one for me is such a better experience.

I agree in that investing in a better cpu is not worth it. My istats have never shown much cpu load. I was on the fence for getting more RAM which I’m certain could’ve helped but it seems most of my frustrations have been resolved by for the first time ever getting a 1tb ssd. My previous from work had 256gb and I’ve not had a machine with more than 512gb ever before.