2020 Digital Planner

Has anyone invested in Blanc Media’s 2019 or 2020 Digital Planner? I am intrigued.

In 2019 I went back to analog, starting with my 1st BuJo and Field Notes for quick thoughts. It was mostly beneficial but there were times I didn’t have my BuJo when I needed it to capture things. By the time I got to it I was too tired or what I needed to add faded from my memory, or as BB King would sing, The Thrill Is Gone!

I find that I am not in one location on any given day. My iPhone, iPad & Pencil are always with me. The practice of putting things in writing keeps in my memory better than just typing.

I’m wondering if using this with the Apple Pencil would suffice? It would lighten the load, but not worth it if I’m sacrificing on benefits of traditional analog.

Much appreciation for any input, thoughts, ideas!

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There’s a Bullet Journal app for iOS and Android that might be helpful.

I used a BuJo for a while, but it was a little too unstructured for me. I’ve since switched to the Passion Planner Daily. For me, it is the perfect combination of structure and free-form pages. And fountain pen friendly, of course. The full PDF is available at the link, if you want to print pages and try it out.


I use a blank dot-grid notebook that I use for several of those categories, but they’re week-based, with a separate page for monthly notes.

The usefulness of a digital calendar (for upcoming events as well as notes on things that occurred) quickly made it a chore for me to make redundant daily entries I’d beed to both write and type. But a written weekly overview has been pretty helpful.


I created my own personalized bullet journal template in Keynote and exported it as PDF. That PDF is now a template that I use in GoodNotes 5 to create new notebooks whenever I want one based on the bujo template.

The main things are to set up pages in portrait mode in Keynote. To get the dot-grid background, add a large table with small cells and dotted borders.

So, I invested 20-30 minutes building out this template and got exactly what I was looking for. (Those tabs on the side are active links to the destination page – which are preserved in the PDF and by GoodNotes.)



Yes, I got it and also the iOS app version. I haven’t yet done the planning, that starts today as part of my normal quarterly and 12WY focused planning. The winter solstice is also my year end so it’s a much longer process.

I like to get those kinds of things, not because I necessarily use them exactly as written or developed but because I always learn something more to add to my own custom version of a goals/planning/review system.

I’ll be glad to post a review and what I found useful once I complete the process in about a week or so.


You put what I needed to say! It feels redundant doing it twice, hence spending more time in the what-I-want-to-do-sphere, than actually doing!!! Hope that made sense.
Thanks for all your responses!

Please do! You are so spot on about learning something new.

Last year I invested in the full focus planner set. It was way to much stuff to carry around. It was too structured for me. The quality is top-notch and customer service great. Just wasn’t for me.

Looking forward to your thoughts, OogieM!

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Does the Bullet Journal app make the best use of the space on an iPad screen?

As I recall, it looks like a phone app on the iPad. I just used it on my phone.

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That’s a shame. Thanks John

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That’s really neat! Would you be willing to share your template file?? Thanks!

It’s full size on my iPad Pro 11"

Yes, it’s still a phone app, and you can select 1x or 2x size.
Still perfectly functional, of course.

I have the module downloaded from the course. It’s full screen and no 1x or 2x button I can see. Maybe we are using different things.

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We’re talking about two different apps :slightly_smiling_face:
I mentioned the companion app for the Bullet Journal. Looks like you’re talking about something from Blanc.

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Yes sir. Sorry about that. I thought we were talking about the 2020 Focus Course Digital Planner from Shawn Blanc.


Nice but…

The postage to Australia is more than the planner!!!

Used to being price gouged living down under but that’s too much.

Does anyone feel life is sometimes chasing the tools to make life better than actually doing it?


I have both Shawns planner pdf and a fresh Full Focus Planner. I need to pick one and set it up and stick with it for at least 90 days.

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Finally got this done. Look for the long discussion my review of review methods

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