2020 iPad Pro -- Best Screen Protector?

I recently picked up a 12.9" iPad Pro to replace my 1st gen iPad Pro, and am planning on purchasing the magic keyboard when it comes out in May. However, given the size of the investment (and kids at home), I’m thinking it’s time to put on a screen protector of some sort.

Typically I ask the nice folks at the Apple Store to put a screen protector on for me whenever I buy an iPhone (I can’t stand having bubbles or trapped dust), but am interested in your thoughts as to the “best” options for a screen protector for an iPad that is reasonable for an average joe to apply correctly, especially with Apple Stores closed for the time being.


I’ve never used a screen protector on any iPhone or iPad since the products were first introduced. Currently on the latest version of 12.9 and 11 inch iPads. No scratches ever. Always use a sleeve or other way to cover the device when not used.

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I haven’t used a screen protector on my iPad in the past either, but with my kids and wife looking to use the iPad a bit as a home computing device while they are out of school and learning from home at least another month, I think it’s wise to get a screen protector on there. Accidents happen with 2nd graders. :slight_smile:


Recently Federico Viticci wrote a long piece about using his iPad Pro, and spent a section of it discussing using the Moshi iVisor, and included pics of how text appeared on it.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MTDFDYH


I can add a +1 for the Moshi one. If you are ok with matte, it’s actually a nice solution (and apparently cleanable and able to be reapplied). Also, no finger prints!

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Thanks folks. Moshi protector on order. :slight_smile:

I had never used a screen protector on my iPads either but I thought that it was on an MPU podcast or something where the Moshi Visor Moshi iVisor

Was mentioned. Or maybe I read this thread.

Anyway after struggling with carrying a clean microfiber cloth to wipe off the fingerprints off my 11 inch iPad I decided to buy one.

I love it. The matte finish eliminates the fingerprints and the feel of writing with the pencil on it is really nice, even better than the plain screen, more “tooth” or something. But a lot better for drawing and just plain notes.

I also highly recommend them if you have an iPad it works on.