2020 MacBook Air won't clamshell

Hey there. I am trying to use my MacBook Air in clamshell mode connected to a 27 inch monitor. When I shut the lid, it disconnects from the monitor. What am I not thinking of here? Help appreciated!

You need power - if it’s not charging then it will just sleep.

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Thanks Rosemary. My concern there is battery health if it’s plugged in all day at 100 percent health. My previous MacBook’s battery was wrecked doing this. Any suggestions to help with this? I have FruitJuice to help with battery health but sometimes I just need to do work on the big screen while the laptop is at full charge.

If you leave it plugged in the battery is not used at all once charged, the system bypasses it and uses direct power. It extends the battery’s life running it this way.


Thanks. I actually did not know that.

Fruit Juice for battery cycling is not advised.

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Thank you! Uninstalling.

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A couple of people on this forum will disagree, and we’ve been back and forth a number of times. You’ve made the right choice.

JohnAtl I have an aging 2015 MBP pro, is this laptop considered have the modern battery technology or is the tech software based?

Yes, it has modern battery technology.

I have a 2015 MBP too, and my battery cycle count is 536, with 73% capacity remaining.

You might be eligible for this recall:

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Now that’s a meta-quote-linking :stuck_out_tongue:

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Realized that after I posted. :slight_smile:

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Thanks John, the recall answer is not eligible. I had a bulging battery about six months ago and took it to my local Apple store and it was determined that my machine was not eligible. I did get the battery replaced. I was interested in how ‘new’ the machine needed to be to have the new battery tech. Thanks for your response and the link to the recall.

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It does help monitor your battery health better than Apple’s cycle count does.