2021 iMac M1 not booting

Hi all
I have a problem with my 2021 iMac M1 (24")

I’ve returned from a weeks’ holiday (during this time the iMac was off). Booted this morning fine and have a secondary screen plugged in.

Came back a few hours later and when I tried to wake from sleep only the secondary screen came on.

Tried rebooting and now it doesn’t start. I get about a second of the start up chime and then nothing else. I tried disconnecting power and waiting 30 seconds but still no go.

I’m guessing its dead and a trip to the local Apple Store :frowning:

you may have done this already, I would remove all external connection. Boot up in safe mode and see whether it works

Thanks, but don’t even get the chance - the video above shows what happens when I start and hold the power in. I don’t even get the chance to go in to safe mode or diagnostics.

Called Apple support - they think it’s hardware and I’ve got a Genius Bar appointment for Thursday.

Seriously peeved - the bloody thing is only 9 months old :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Two steps forward and one step back

Pressing the power button REALLY hard restarted the iMac M1 although the Mac screen is completely black

I have the second monitor in and I’m using it as primary display mirrored so nothing is stuck on the blank screen.

I vaguely remember someone once having a problem (on a laptop) where the brightness or something was stuck down low - not the screen dead. I think it might have been ATP? I’ve checked brightness etc and that’s not it.

I’m doing a Time Machine backup and will then do a Carbon Copy Cloner back up (can’t have too many) and then I’ll try a hardware diagnostic (if it can be run from the other screen!)

Will still take it in to the Genius Bar tomorrow…

It has been quite some time when I owned an iMac, but if I remember correctly you are not able to dim the brightness to a degree that nothing is visible. There have been tools to decrease brightness levels beyond the level MacOS provides us with, but I never gave them a try. I think that you still would be able to see something even with the levels all the way down.

I sounds like a hardware failure to me. I have no idea about the laws in Australia, but shouldn’t you be covered by law to get a replacement or a repair for free after just 9 months? All the best for the Genius Bar appointment! :slight_smile:

Learn something new everyday. Dead backlight. Shine a torch in the middle of the screen on startup and you see the logo.

No parts alas at the store so need to take back next week


ok so the wrap up of this saga…

  • Screen was replaced - no good
  • Motherboard (and therefore SSD drive) replaced - all good now

Restore from Time Machine from Synology NAS went well - just took a while

Back up and running at last