2021 Scanner Recommendations for DT

hey MPU,

Does anyone have a scanner they recommend for getting documents into DevonThink?

My last scanner that I got was the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i and it is no longer with me.

Hoping for something that also works with Monterey as well and more down the line.

I would look for any printer with a scanner that has a feeder on it. Business class scanners will do scanning on both sides of a sheet - Epson look to have a good range, but I’ve found the scanner on my Canon printer does the job admirably and I rarely have double sided documents to scan.

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Fujitsu recently released a ScanSnap ix1300. Specs look good but haven’t seen or used one. Wireless or USB scanning in a small package.

I have been using Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 for 15 years, never give me any issue. I believe they now have a newer model but overall based on same technology

FUJITSU IX500. No doubt. I still use ScannerPro and SwiftScan Pro for one off scans on the go. But if I have to scan for archival I use the trusted ScanSnap and OCR it.

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I have been quite pleased with my ScanSnap iX1600.

I understand some people felt abandoned by ScanSnap in the past, but I decided to take a chance and I’m happy with the results.

The first thing I did was scan 20+ years of tax returns and documentation; each year was easily over 50 pages. The process worked flawlessly.

For the OCR functions, you will want to read the documentation. At first, I felt there were a lot (too many) of working pieces, but once I read the manual, the OCR functions work great.

I don’t notice any real speed differences when using WiFi scanning rather than via USB.

If you are scanning the files to DT3, I think you can leave the OCR to DT itself. I am too lazy to read any manual :joy:

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Have a look at the Brother DS range of scanners. They’re similar to the Fujitsu but quite a bit cheaper (about half the price of Fujitsu here in the UK).

If you’re using DT as the scanning software, you won’t really need the extra functionality (and maybe hassle) that the Fujitsu software has. DT should just use the Apple ICA

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