2022-Mac Studio Display/ 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Pro Setup

Hi Guys,

I just thought I would share my complete 2022 Office Setup, I run a successful Financial Advisory firm here in Spain. We have just developed a brand new deluxe office, I thought I would share the setup that I have been working on.

The MacBook-2021 MacBook Pro 16 1tb 16GB Ram- This is plenty enough for my needs, I edited some 4k promotional videos last week and it literally did’nt miss a beat. Aside from editing I use this for day to day admin/ work related tasks.

Mac Studio Display- I was overjoyed when Apple announced a new Retina Monitor, I understand people’s frustration’s and the cost. However, it’s the perfect fit for my needs. I also have a 24 inch iMac at home that we use for our family. I have to say, I am really disappointed that I can’t plug my MacBook Pro into this to utilise the real estate when working from home. Why target display isn’t possible when I have given Apple a kidney over the last 12 months, I don’t know.

M1 Ipad Pro-256GB I love my Ipad, it’s the go to device for light work and I use this via Universal Control attached to a magnetic holder. This was bought from Ali Express for around 80 dollars, it is actually very well constructed.

Thunderbolt 3 Dock I have a TB3 dock sat within the monitor stand, this hosts my Blu Microphone for conference calls along with other perihpherals. I can’t remember the brand but I spend around 200 Dollars on it from Amazon.

Masgsafe Charger within a Ali Express Mount Yep another Aliexpress product that has served me well, this holds my phone with the MagSafe Charger and completes my setup.

New Magic Keyboard & Trackpad Again I know this was massively overpriced but I couldn’t resist the black to sit with the current line of MacBooks. Both items feel great.

Blue Yeti Mic Yep, I know this is pretty entrance level, however it provides great sound quality for my few Zoom’s every week. I paid this with a Toner Boom Arm

Glad I can share this with you.


If I was a client having a meeting in your office, I’d be impressed.

Love it, those studio display lays are beautiful - and it looks great next to your iPad stand!

What shelf is your monitor and ipad on?

Beautiful setup, @Shawster85! I have a Studio Display, and I really enjoy it too.

Could you advise on what desk, and shelf you have?
Nice setup :+1: