2023 Desk Setup - UltraWide

@mlevison and @Nick_tea asked about my setup when I pictured my desk in another post. I thought it better to do a short write-up.

Main setup

  1. 16-inch M2 MacBook Pro (Provided by work)
  2. LG 40WP95C-W 40” UltraWide (5120 x 2160)
  3. Elgato Stream Deck XL
  4. Elgato Stream Deck MK.2
  5. Keychron V10 (Alice Layout)
  6. Keychron Q0 Plus QMK Custom Number Pad
  7. Logitech Brio 4K Webcam
  8. BenQ ScreenBar Halo LED Monitor Light
  9. Logitech MX Master 3



It took me a few years to piece together this setup. I love the monitor, I use the max resolution which is 1.5 4K monitor equivalent.

I use the Q0 with macros setup with VIA to move windows to one of 12 positions on the screen ranging from 1/6 to 2/3 of the screen.

The 5 buttons on the side of the V10 are set to a couple of CLI commands, a new note in Obsidian, and a new entry in my Obsidian log.

The Small Stream Deck is static and set to the main apps or web pages I use. The larger Stream Deck has an App page for Obsidian and iTerm as well as default tools.

I do not use the iPad as much as I once did. I have a dashboard setup with a work focus mode that I can see my Todoist, calendar, and emails.

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This is great. I’ve been interested in trying an Alice layout for a while now. The problem is I’m so used to the Magic Keyboard. How would you compare it to the built-in MacBook keyboard? And what switches and keycaps are those? :blush:

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How long have you had that monitor and how has it held up? I think I would love using one, but it’s so expensive for a non-apple, non-gaming monitor.

I got the monitor in May 2022, no issues. My main focus was the real estate, most UltraWides are 1440 vertical or less it was hard to find one with 2160.

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If you are not used to the mechanical keyboards it is a different feel for sure. Try to borrow one or go to a store to try it. My wife does not like the extra travel. I like the feel and travel of myself. I can switch to the built-in keyboard when I travel. It took me a week or two to get used to the Alice layout. If you get one and are looking at caps, try to find a set with two B keys or pick another to use in its place. The set I picked up from Keychron had the extra B.

The caps are Cherry Profile Double-Shot PBT Full Set Keycaps - Hacker Mint

The switches are Akko CS Lubed

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Thanks for the info.

I have had two different Keychron mechanicals (K3 low profile with Reds and a C1 80% with Reds). I didn’t care for the low profile. I had way too many accidental key presses. The C1 is better but I still prefer the initial force required on a Magic Keyboard.

I wish we had some shops around I could try these out but just not possible. The only ones around just have Logitech on display. Ah well. May just bite the bullet and try it. :blush:

Have you thought about a key tester? There are several varieties. I started with the Cherry MX tester from WASD keyboards.

Sorry! Something went wrong! Akko tester.

I’m not sure how I didn’t know those existed. :crazy_face: I’m going to give that a shot. :+1:t2:

I’ve long been tempted by an ultrawide. Does it ever bother you that the menu for the windows on the far right of the screen is still on the far left end of the menu bar?

I use the pulldown menus just often enough that I think I might find it annoying, but maybe I’d get used to it or find a workaround.

I have a 43" display and I do like it.
However, you have correctly identified the most annoying part of having a large display. The Menu Bar is a long way from your working window.

Expect to put a lot of mileage on your mouse !!

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I do not use the menu much. When I do I use Menuwhere · Many Tricks for $3 it could address your issues with menu placement. @KirkS you might like it too.


Thanks! I usually prefer the global menus of macOS and Ubuntu Unity, but this is one case where the in-window menus of Windows and most Linux DEs have the advantage.

Thank you! I was going to ask about Menuware but couldn’t remember the name. I’ll save it in case I decide to get an ultrawide.

I’m not a heavy menu user, but depending upon the app, I use it just enough that I can see the long reach becoming annoying.

I recently ordered a foldable, portable keyboard by iClever that has a similar ergonomic design and after a week I can’t imagine going back to a standard, rectangular keyboard layout. It took a couple days to get used to but it’s so much more comfortable. The iClever has about the same outward angle but has a larger separation between the two halves of the keyboard.

I’m surprised more people aren’t using this keyboard design.

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Thanks @michaelpporter
That was $3 happily spent.

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