2023 : Portable Document Scanner Hardware Recommendations + Out of Office iOS Workflows

Is there a portable scanner you like that is battery-powered and is able to scan to an SD card?

Is there a workflow that you use with your portable document scanner and your iOS device that you are especially pleased with?

I have chosen two models:

Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi
Brother DS-940DW

Both have SD card capability.
Both have WiFi capability.

I can comment that the experience of opening and doing some minor setup with the Doxie unit has been impressive and user-friendly.

Have you considered to use just one of the scanner apps available to the iPhone/iPad?

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Using an iOS device is logical, however, I just prefer to use a s dedicated purpose device for this task. I also feel that given the crumpled nature of the media (receipts), I wanted to give a sheet fed scanner a try.

@KurtWerstein I would really second the motion to use an iOS app.

They work extremely well including to straight out crumpled paper and similar imperfections.

A hardware scanner is helpful if you want auto-feeding of multi-page documents; you won’t get that in a portable scanner. I cannot imagine what other benefit you would get from a portable scanner that you cannot get from an iOS app.

If you use an iOS App, right away, they are not crumbled… :wink:

Scanner pro by readdle does shockingly well with this (I quit using my portable scanner as it had less artifact with iOS). Also they have “workflows,” aka can set to scan, then auto-rename, ocr, and upload to storage of choice.

Fair warning I got this back when it was 1 time purchase and now is subscription, but it’s worth it.

@rkaplan - Understood. I appreciate your advice very much. Thank you.

@jmanko16 - Interesting! Will definitely be giving this a look. Update: Looked just a bit at the web page for Scanner Pro. Is it possible to offload all scans, or better yet, scan direct to the cloud? My iPhone storage needs to be pared down, as it is. Hate to clutter it up more with scans. Also, I see ScreencastsOnline covered this app in 2016. Wonder if there is something more updated in the way of a tutorial.

@Ulli - Sage and on point advice. I have a significant backlog of crumpled receipts, though. I need to rethink my strategy.

Everyone that has commented; a big thank you!

Perhaps I have some antiquated thinking on this path I am going down. As I said above, I have a significant backlog of crumpled old receipts that I would like to tackle.

All - Now that I have some attention to my post, I would like to know if anyone has tried the Receipts app to analyze and categorize their receipts.

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Yes it definitely allows you to delete locally. Make a workflow that can rename, save to cloud, then delete original.

I usually have it scan, ocr, rename with days, save to remote folder, and the “file” it by putting in a folder in the app I purge every so often after I made sure it went through to final destination ok.