24" iMac Sticker Dilemma

A friend of mine bought a new Blue M1 iMac but now he has to return it to Apple.

He told me he was going to keep the dark blue Apple sticker that came with the unit.

I told him that was stealing!

Am I being too harsh?

Are you wrong? No.

Will it make or break his return? Probably not.

I think Apple would be more than happy he’s keeping the blue sticker. Its free promotion if your friend sticks it to any of his property.

In other note, if Apple sells it as refurbished but forgot to check if everything is in order, someone won’t be having a sticker. I’d call AppleCare just to ask for a missing sticker LOL


I would anticipate no issue. If there’s one thing Apple is good at, it’s throwing stuff in boxes that tells customers how awesome Apple is. :smiley:

Indeed - when I sent in my 2016 MBP for trade-in, and it was valued around 1/3 of the initial offer, they sent it back with a brand-new USB-C charger and cable, even though I hadn’t sent mine (& indicated so).