27" iMac 2017 upgrade - - SSD and RAM tips?

  1. I’m going to upgrade my 27" iMac 2017, from fusion disk to 2 TB SSD. Suggestion on choice of disk?

  2. I currently have 40 GB RAM. Is it worth upgrading to 64 GB? Recently started to use DaVinci Resolve, also using Lightroom and Photoshop.

  1. I went with the Sabrent 2TB Thunderbolt 3 External SSD (SB-XTRM-2TB) last summer through Amazon. The first was DOA. Sabrent and Amazon stood behind the product and sent me a new one within a couple of days. It’s been an excellent startup drive since then. (Thank you Carbon Copy Cloner).

  2. I have 64 GB of RAM, but I don’t use any of those three apps. That said, I don’t regret maxing out the RAM. I do a fair amount of entry level video editing and I’ve never had a problem on my iMac. Running out of memory, however, is a constant problem on my MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM.

OWC is always a good bet. Personally I think 40 GB of RAM is probably enough. I would go ahead and upgrade the disk and then decide later whether to add memory, based on your experience with the new disk. You’re lucky to have a machine with RAM that is so easy to upgrade.

Upgrading RAM after checking out the result of changing SSD, was my initial thougt too. Just curious if anyone had any experience.

Thanks for your input.
Entry level video editing is it for me too.