2Do vs GoodTask

Does anyone have experience using these 2 task apps? What are your experiences with both?

Sorry, no, but I can recommend Todoist. You can get a few months of premium for free using codes 1milliontasks and skillshare if the codes still work. https://todoist.com/redeem

I’m currently running 2Do. I picked it up with my SetApp subscription and really like it. I’m not a power user by any means, but it has enough depth for me to sort my lists and set up my projects each week.

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I"m a current 2do user - i haven’t heard of good task

but for me 2do i like being that my productivity philosophy is rooted in GTD
i started using this app for the power of its checklists and quick check/uncheck features
but as of this week i just decided i will let my todist subscription expire - I still love the app but i found 2do gives me power features however my only gripe with 2do is no true web front in (it kinda syncs through toodoolee but its not true 1:1 for data- i sync using drop box on the back end)

if you have specific questions I’m happy to answer them

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2Do user here. I have tried Omnifocus, Things 3 and even GoodTask. I have always came back to 2Do because of the easy learning curve and flexibility. I highly recommend it. If you are however looking for a web presence it sadly doesn’t have a dedicated service. If you sync through Toodledo or Reminders you can add tasks through those web interfaces. Smart lists/searches are easy to setup and you can adjust anything to your needs.

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How are you liking the SetApp subscription? Do you also get the mobile version of the apps with the subscription?

I’m using 2Do on ios and macos which I have found to be the best of the task management apps, and I have tried a few! It’s easy to get into, sufficiently flexible to adapt to most use cases, syncs well across devices and allows, in my view anyway, enough opportunities to customise.

I’m also continuing to use Taskpaper with Editorial as my editor of choice on ios. Whilst I could manage with 2Do I love the elegant simplicity of Taskpaper and the unlimited ways in which it can be used and customised. It just appeals to the tinkerer in me!

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Does task paper and 2Do work well together?

Also does Editorial work similar to Drafts?

I used 2do for a couple of years. Not the best looking, but has every feature you could imagine. Syncs between multiple devices with Dropbox or caldev.

I ended up switching to Todoist just for the web interface, but 2do was solid and highly recommended.

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I don’t try to use them together to be honest. Editorial is a great writing app that just happens to support Taskpaper format brilliantly. I use Editorial with markdown. It has folding text support which is great for longer pieces of work and amazing automation, a little like the Workflow app, with almost unlimited capability if you add your own Python scripts. The guy behind Editorial also did Pythonista which is a great way to do Python on ios. Both apps are worth a look in my opinion and are priced very reasonably particularly in today’s subscription model world.

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I’m really enjoying SetApp. There are several apps included in the subscription that I had been wanting to try, but I was put off by investing all the money up front. There are certain apps that include a mobile subscription, but not all of them do, at least to my knowledge.