2nd iPad Pro’s multitouch becoming unresponsive to my touch — why?

Over the past few months my M1 iPad Pro 11” has been becoming less responsive to multitouch gestures. For example, I couldn’t drag an icon out of the dock (to activate split screen) or swipe left on the Home Screen to get to the next Home Screen. It got so bad that last week I couldn’t move anything on the screen.

I took it to the Genius Bar, they ran diagnostics, claimed it was a hardware issue and replaced it.

So now I’ve had this replacement for a week and it’s becoming less responsive as well. Any thoughts on what this can be?

I have no problem with my iPhone. I tried wiping any potential residue off the screen with a damp cloth with no change in responsiveness. Also, the pencil seems to work just fine.

It’s hard to use the iPad without a touch screen. :frowning:

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