32" 4K monitor users - ok without scaling?

Is anybody using a 32" 4K monitor with their Mac?

I’m curious about people’s experiences with that size/resolution combo.

Background: According to this article the optimal size for 4K monitors displaying macOS at 2x scaling is about 24", with 27" 4K falling into the problem of being too big at 2x, or too tiny at 1x. I’m wondering if the 1x expanded up to a 32" screen addresses that shortcoming or if it’s still too small.


Yep, using a 32" 4K monitor with my MBP. I scale it such that I can still read what’s on the screen. No issues, other than that my eyes are getting worse over the years. :wink:

I think I’m using the 2x setting. But not at my Mac right now.

I don’t have a 4K monitor so I don’t understand what the 1 X vs 2X settings are in terms of resolution. Can you tell us the native resolution as well as the resolution you use? Also which 32" 4K monitor do you have? Thanks.

I bought a 32" 4K and went down to 27", because on the 32" I had to move my eyes/head too much to actually see the information. You really need some distances by a deep desk for this to make sense.
The 27" size so far is perfect to me.

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I use a 27” 4K monitor at work and it looks pretty good(I do have scaling on).