32 bit Valhalla

I think this issue is worthy of a topic of its own, as it could have a major effect on some users.

I got the notice for YNAB 4, and I’m nearly positive it won’t be updated. So I’m wondering where to go in the next year.

YNAB is regularly updated for iOS, and with Apple’s updated macOS frameworks designed to facilitate porting of iOS apps to Macs, don’t count out YNAB remaining on macOS. MacOS Mojave will be the last version to run 32-bit apps, so the timing may allow for a smooth transition to a new Mac app with common code from the iOS app.

Though @bowline I don’t expect YNAB 4 will be ported to 64 bit (they stopped supporting it at the end of 2016).

I’ve gone with nYNAB, which I assume you’re not a fan of @JohnAtl, so unfortunately I don’t have anything to add.

@funkydan2 the link you provided noted that a new desktop version was “on the roadmap.” Since YNAB 4 continues to run on Macs, and will continue to do so as a 32-bit app through macOS Mojave, I was simply predicting that a port from the iOS version to Macs might be the path forward for the company. (Re)Using the same code base will help ensure feature parity on different platforms and reduce development costs, so if they were serious about relaunching desktop apps I’m sure they’ve been looking at this.

I’m particularly excited that soon after that WWDC announcement Greg at Agile Tortoise, who’d previously said he didn’t have the resources to make a Mac version of Drafts, actually showed off a preview video he’d since created!


If a small shop like his can be inspired to do this one can hope that the larger cross-platform YNAB crew can be as well.

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Thanks for pointing out that Mojave will still support 32-bit apps. I thought the phase-out was happening sooner, but it’s good that developers have a bit more time.

It would be nice if YNAB would release a new desktop app as they suggested 3 years ago, but I’m not going to hold my breath!

Just found this in Clean My Mac X, an option that lists 32-bit apps.


If it helps, I’d say it’s almost certain that the Steam and Kindle apps will get upgraded to 64 bit.

It won’t be a problem for a year. Don’t stress.

FYI you don’t need a 3rd party app to see your 32-bit apps. Go to Apple Menu > System Info > Applications, then sort on the ‘64-bit’ column. I’ve got a zillion old and new 32-bit apps:



John - I’m a big fan of the web version of YNAB. (I like it more than the iOS version.) I created it’s own “app” using Unite. Is there something that the old, native app has that you miss on the web?