376: Notifications!

Myke Hurley joins Katie and David to discuss notifications. We discuss how notifications have become a problem, dealing with distractions and wrangling the various notifications to optimize our devices.

Show Notes

I just got a hold of my first Apple Watch and I’m in the process of setting it up. Series 4 (non-cellular).

I’m already anticipating notification overload between my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch throughout the day.

I have installed a dusin of my most used apps on my Apple Watch. But how does everyone tackle this notification overload?

Do you prefer to get them only on the watch, and turn them off for the iPhone, or what is the usage out there?

I tend to get more notifications on my iPhone, only some on my watch. Then I don’t need to grab my phone as much while working across the room (I’m a teacher) so an easy glance at the wrist is great

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