3rd Apple Watch band broke!

Just had my third Apple Watch band break on me - solo loop. Less than a year, like all the rest of them. The last one snapped too. It’s not like I have massive wrists, super slim infact - perhaps my hands are bigger than the average size they calculated for my dainty wrist! I will call apple again and see if I can get a new one like I did last time :slight_smile: Went to the store last time and they told me I was basically SOL - got onto apple support on the phone and guess they felt sorry for me!

Wow. I have had the same boring, original Apple Black Sport Band since I got my watch 2-1/2 years ago.

I think it might outlast the battery, which is starting to conk out by 7 pm.

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And in the meantime, you can get Solo Loop knockoffs on Amazon for like $8-$10 each. So if you break another one, you won’t feel so bad. :slight_smile:

Think about what you’re doing through the day that may cause abrasive issues with them, too.

I’m also on the original band with my 4.5 year old series 4. Still have 40% battery at the end of the day, too.

I’ve never have a solo loop since I felt like I’d hate a band that would limit the fit I want to tighten or loosen it. I’m still using my Nike sports band from Series 3 since launch. It’s my everyday band. Hope you’re just unlucky with the quality of the band you’re getting.

I am not sure where I read it, but when my Wife got her Solo Loop, somewhere were mentioned that those have to been exchanged every year.

Default band - Series 3 - 3yr 4mo - no problems, ever. :man_shrugging:

I got a knock off one as soon as the Apple ones came out, and in my experience the reason mine needed to be replaced is that they loosen up – not there’s any real danger of them breaking.

Obviously, that’s with a knock off, and not with the actual Apple one. But I can’t imagine that the Apple design is actually worse.

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Wow, that does not sound good. I have a solo loop that I like for messy outdoor activities (better than the original that holds dirt under the overlap) and it’s still going strong. But I don’t wear it daily.

I wonder if it’s related to the color — the color additives may be affecting the number of times it can flex before the polymer shears. Do you always get the same color?

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The Solo Loop is just a loop of rubber that has to stretch over your hand every time you put it on and take it off. The knockoffs are not the same rubber, and I’m sure they have some great chemicals in them too! I even have a spare sports banks knock off in my draw but I’m using an old regular sports band from an old watch for now and I think I prefer it. I actually chipped my screen by taking off my watch once and the stretched band catapulted it across the room where it hit some hard object, a dumbbell off the floor I recall.

Yes always white. I have pretty big hands and pretty small wrists so that may be the problem.

not solo loop so a different beast.

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Ah, we’re talking about two different Solo Loops. You’re talking about the pure rubber one, I’m talking about the braided (albeit a knockoff). I’ve found the braided one to be very durable.

Interesting. I wonder what the limit on hand-to-wrist ratio is? I have quite small wrists but a fairly wide hand, but I’m probably not at the extreme.

I’m definitely going to be careful putting mine on, just in case the band snaps unexpectedly. I’ve already had a watch fall off twice with the Apple’s leather loop, and when it fell onto a tile floor I was relieved it didn’t shatter. (I should sell that leather loop, as I’m too afraid to wear it now.)

So almost two months later and I’ve learned to love the standard Apple band (Sports Band), had an old one lying around - will be buying one of those in future. With the loop I was always worried when taking off the band that it would acting like a catapult and shoot my watch across the room - ate s it did on one occasion with my watch coming to a halt when it hit a dumbbell, chipping the screen!