3rd party app for connecting to Office365

Hi there – this might be a bit of an edge case. My company recently moved to Office365 and part of their security protocol means I cannot get native access to that Office365 account (it’s blocked). They are trying to force people onto Outlook for iOS.

The problem here is now I can access my work calendar (via Outlook) or every other calendar in my life (currently through Fantastical).

Most calendar apps on iOS draw from the devices database of calendars. One exception is BusyCal for iOS – but it doesn’t have a Watch app.

Any thoughts on something else I can use?

Have you created application spec passwords before in o365 ?

I’m in the same situation. IMAP/SMTP access works on iOS but not MacOS. I recommend just going with it and using Outlook - risk to future employment is too high otherwise.

My company recently did the same thing. The technology used for this is called Microsoft InTune. iOS 11 supports InTune natively in mail, calendar, contacts, etc. as long as the company has not made a policy to block them. The downside for me, at least, is that my whole phone will be wiped if I (or my kids) get my passcode wrong too many times. This has happened a couple times. Now I have good backup habits and use cloud storage for everything, so I don’t worry about it.

Outlook for iOS is the only other app I know of that supports InTune. The advantage of Outlook is that if the security protocol calls for a wipe for some reason, only the data in Outlook gets wiped. Nothing else on your phone is affected.

I find Outlook to be a major downer, but I see more and more companies going this route since it lets them secure their data on the mobile devices.

Since you mentioned MacOS, I’ll add that my company recently re-enabled EWS inside the company firewall. So I can use Apple Mail when I am in the office or on VPN. I was SO happy when that happened.

I can find messages so much faster in Apple Mail than in Outlook.

I don’t think I can given this is an Enterprise account. It uses my Windows login.

My company just enabled application specific passwords and now I can use Apple Mail everywhere for my Office 365 company mail by setting up an IMAP account instead of an exchange account. This thread is great!

By the way, Office 365 does not support CalDAV, so I think the only way you are going to be able to see your work calendar is with Outlook.

Oh – one more question re Outlook for iOS. The Today widget seems as flaky as…erm…heck.

For me it worked for a short time, but now just has ‘Unable to Load’. It looks like the only way to enable it again is to reinstall the app? Given that would mean re–authenticating with my IT department I am not keen on doing that.

Anyone worked out a way to get the Today widget consistently working?

I use outlook and for calendar Fantastical works. I couldn’t get Busycal to work at all

I use Outlook on iOS with office 365 and it has calendar built in. It does notify on Apple watch

I was just sent a meeting invitation since setting up IMAP access to Office365 mail and there was a link in it that took me to the POP and IMAP settings page. There is an option there to get meeting invitations in iCalendar format. I enabled it and am going to experiment with a Work calendar in icloud where I put these meeting invitations.

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Oh yes…let me know how you go!