3rd party apps that sync with iCloud/ Apple Apps

after talking to @joebuhlig, I’m toying with the idea of going to a linux only desktop environment. However, one thing that’s hanging me up is how well MacOS plays with my iPhone and other people’s iDevices. I don’t mind putting with things to work on my end, but I want the convenience of sharing notes, calendar invites, and such things with other people without them needing another app or program.

That being said, does anyone have suggestions for 3rd party applications that play nice with apple’s services?

eg for Calendar, Notes and other cloud sharing-type things.

Edit: After some digging, I found this for Apple notes. I’ll have to try it out. link

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icloud.com apps will give you access to all your iStuff.

Otherwise you’re best off with alternatives like Google Suite. Google Calendar can read/write/sync to Apple calendars (and vice versa).

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yeah, I know about the iCloud web apps, but lets be real. Web apps suck compared to desktop apps.

I’d prefer to use iCloud web apps only if all else fails. There’s gotta be something that plays with the iCloud backend right?

On Linux? (Talk about things sucking compared to other things.) Let me know if you find anything.


hard to imagine this could be worth the pain and effort involved…especially given that MacOS is built on top of Unix…out of curiosity, why try it?

because its fun!

Realistically, just because MacOS hardware is really expensive, I don’t like the new keyboards, I don’t like dongles, and I’m getting close to needing an upgrade from my current MBP. I can get a really nice ultrabook for 1500ish whereas a similar spec’ed MacBook would run be about $2000-2500.