(3rd party) Music player that supports gapless play?

Lately I have been using IINA to play my media, but I’m now listening to a concert recording where each song is a separate MP3. Unfortunately IINA “pauses” between tracks, so the transitions are not fluent. Apparently IINA does not support gapless play?

Which (3rd party) macOS audio player does?

I have purchased Elmedia Player in the past, but that does not seem to support it either.

Vox seems to support it, so I’m using that for now, but I’m not sure what works without a subscription…

Any other tips?

Colibri is $4.99 on the MAS.

Vox is free but I think only the Vox Premium ($4.99/month) tier offers gapless… plus additional features like unlimited cloud music storage, Sonos support and more. You could check out the free edition just to see if it handles gapless though.

FYI I paid for Elmedia too. I don’t use it for music, but it’s the main way I watch movies that aren’t in iTunes. Great app.

That’s what I thought too, after reading this:

This feature can either create a pause between tracks or erase it completely. The latter is a must for Pink Floyd tracks.

However, it does exactly what I want in the free version. I think it works because my tracks already don’t have any pauses at start/end; the Vox Premium feature seems to add them (if absent; or delete long pauses, if present - a bit like what Overcast does for podcasts with Smart Speed?).

I’m not a big fan of the UI, but it’ll do for now.

(Unless someone suggests a really nice alternative)

It’s apparently already reported for IINA (quite some time ago):


But then I discovered that the media keys on my Magic Keyboard don’t work for Vox… (play/pause, prev/next, etc.)


Two more I found:

foobar2000 is actually my preferred music player on my Windows PC! Unfortunately the macOS version is not a port of the Windows version, but of the way more limited mobile version.

Still, both are good options for my use case.