491: Working Hard in the Gaming Industry, with Simone de Rochefort

There’s always a secret PC somewhere.

Micronauts were the coolest action figures.

Great episode. Simone is delightful and I have subscribed to Rocket. Because I only have 150 unplayed podcast episodes in my queue. Sigh.

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I have never heard anybody under the age of 80 use the expression “boy howdy” before, and I have never heard anyone over the age of 30 describe something as “dope,” and I have certainly never heard the same person use both expressions in one sentence.

People should say “boy howdy” more.


Gotta say that I found the whole hipster-speak a bit annoying but the info about screen recording with consoles was great and made me really interested in trying it myself!
Have a Switch and never knew how to easily get footage out of it!

Sorry to say I had to cut my losses on this one. Ten minutes in with no content with an hour and a half to go is when I called it quits.

I agree it wasn’t a contentful episode. But it was enjoyable.

Contentful. I made up a word.

Just thinking aloud, I suppose something behind the scenes gives podcasters analytics on how long people listen, number of listeners, etc. and I should keep my opinions to myself.