498: Back to School with Jake Wilson

Smart Boards for all!

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Just wanted to add a note here saying that I really enjoyed this episode. I always appreciate hearing how people from different professions use Apple tech to get work done and make their lives easier.

Thank you for another winner - I actually listened to most of this episode twice.


Unfortunately Jake’s audio quality was quite poor. So much so that I couldn’t make it through the entire episode. Anyone else have this issue?


That’s my favorite thing about these interviews.

Jake’s audio quality wasn’t great, but it passed the listenability threshold for me. Probably because I like his accent.

I would have no use for this but I got a kick out of the details about his mobile office, among other things. :slight_smile:

It was also interesting to be reminded why Apple has so far to go to be viable as a general school solution, like Google (assuming they want to be that.)

Jake’s audio was poor. Talk about a busy man. To run a school, work on a graduate degree, have a family and sit on a board you have to extremely organized. That is what impressed me the most.

Good tools and systems make it happen.

Seemed fine to me. I vaguely remember thinking that the audio sounded a little below MPU’s normal standards at first, but I found him quite understandable.

I was inspired by Jake’s productivity doing things that matter – raising a family and helping to teach the next generation.

And he almost cost me $5K because now I want every size of iPad - mini and both sizes of Pro – and both sizes of iPhone too. But then I remembered I don’t have Tim Cook’s money.

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I’m just getting around to listening to this episode. I very much want to set up my BetterTouchTool to attach the highlighted file to a new email message. Can anyone help me out with this? Jake thought it was a preset shortcut that came with BTT, but if it’s there I can’t find it!