4k 32" monitor recommendations

I love my Dell U2718Q 4k 27" that I’ve been using the past ~3 years but find it a little small and want to move to a 31.5 or 32" display. I would go a max of $1000 but preferrably under $850. YouTube and online reviews seem to be all positive for every 32" 4k display these days so they’re no help : (

Either 31.5 or 32"
Good enough PPI to not be an issue with text sharpness
KVM - I have a nicely spec’d custom desktop PC that has been collecting dust for 3 years now because it’s too much of a hassle switch out everything to connect my peripherals to it

I’m looking at the following but open to suggestions:

  • BenQ PD3200U
  • BenQ PD3205U (still unsure what exactly is the difference between these two BenQ monitors is, and I recall people had a lot of issues with them not waking up, flicker, etc. with M1 Macs)

I really like the Ultrafine Ergo’s included monitor arm but that’s something I can buy separate as I don’t believe any of those come with a built-in KVM.

GIGABYTE M32U - this is a gaming monitor but is highly rated and has all the features I want. I saw it in person and the large “GIGABYTE” logo on the chassis annoys me : (

LG is always my goto recommendation. (If they’re good enough for Apple…) They have 32" monitors from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

LG calls their KVM software ‘Dual Controller’, and this monitor lists it as a feature. (Windows and Mac only, apparently)

And I’d really like to try out their DualUp monitor.

Do you want to go to a bigger monitor for more space (i.e. more pixels on the screen) or to make everything a little larger?

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I love the look of the Ergo. Too many monitors at the moment are WideScreen. I’d prefer something a little squarer. Unfortunately I don’t have the space or money to buy one yet.

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Both would be ideal. My vision is not the greatest and unscaled at 4k is a no go for sure, but I watch a lot of 4k videos so I’m not interested in going down to a 2K display.

My daily work setup consists of 4 desktop spaces:

  1. Safari (fullsize)
  2. Microsoft Edge (fullsize, for work email, SharePoint, etc. all via web)
  3. MS Teams (fullsize, via Teams app)
  4. Apple Notes (~2/3rds) and Reminders (~1/3)

That fourth space is awfully cramped so I find myself often increasing the size of the apps depending on which one I’m using at that time.

How about adding a monitor.
Two spaces per monitor, or what have you.

Thanks but I am a single monitor person. I used to use dual displays but prefer one larger one for a number of reasons, both aesthetic but also to ensure focus on a single task at a time when needed.

I love that DualUp monitor - I had seen those before online but figured it was very expensive but for what it is I think the price is reasonable and if I needed an exclusively office/work monitor I’d probably give it a try.

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I can relate.

I keep hoping someone on here will try it and post about how wonderful it is :slight_smile:

I just got this one on Tuesday, and I’m in love with it so far.

It’s bright, plenty crisp, and the colors look almost as good as they do on my MacBook.

Based on some of the reviews, I was concerned about stability, but I don’t find it wobbles at all, and it’s really easy to adjust up and down.

My only wish is that it had additional USB-C connections, but I can live without them.

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Dell UltraSharp 32 4K USB-C Hub Monitor - U3223QE


  • 90 watt USB C power delivery
  • Monitor acts a hub, plenty of connections, including Ethernet.
  • Super thin bezels (thinner than the Studio Display)
  • No ugly logo on the bezel.
  • Very good color reproduction
  • IPS Black panel

LG 32UP550-W 32 Inch

  • 96 watt USB C power delivery
  • Ugly logo on the bezel.
  • VA panel

If you’re not picky about colours/viewing angle, it’s a very good budget choice.

Thanks everyone. I wound up, last weekend, purchasing the LG 32U880-W from my local Microcenter. They had it on sale for $549. It definitely wasn’t my first choice due to the limited number of ports but having had it a week now, I do like it a lot and will likely keep it. I almost went with the GIGABYTE M32U as it is much better ports and features (144hz, etc.) and every reputable reviewer lists it as the best, but I knew the large shiny “GIGABYTE” branding on it would annoy me. That along with having to replace the large, ugly stand with a quality monitor arm, made me take a chance on the 32UN880 and so far very happy with it.

It took me a bit to get used to difference between it and my previous Dell U2718Q. I apparently had the Dell’s display settings set very cold. The LG’s, with just some slight changes, is very similar to the my Macbook Pro 14 M1 display though of course not quite as vibrant or crisp.

The ergo stand is excellent and looks great on my desk. But the biggest surprise is that it just seems to work better with the Macbook Pro than the Dell did. Specifically:

  • Universal Control: and I know this makes zero sense but…with the Dell, when I would type notes or something into my iPad Mini via the Universal Control feature using my Logitech MX Keys keyboard, the shift key would not work to capitalize letters. This is a known issue and I had just kind of given up on it. But with the LG monitor it works perfectly.

  • Wakes up faster: I never shut my macbook down, I just put it to sleep. A quick press of the keyboard and the LG wakes up a little faster than the Dell did.

But of course the most important and best benefit so far is going from 27" to 32". I was concerned that 32" would be so much bigger that it would take some getting used to but as soon as I set it up and started using it I immediately though, “Wow. This is the perfect monitor size.” It is the perfect size for my desk (an Uplift).

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That DualUp monitor looks very interesting :eyes:

@mark2741 Glad you’ve found a new monitor. I went with a 34 inch and I think it’s just slightly too big. Not from a screen space perspective, it’s fine for that, but because it’s not easy to fit the whole monitor in your field of view.


Looks like we’ll be in the market to get our granddaughter a monitor soon, so will keep this one in mind.

Take a look at tiling window manager yabai.

Increase app A’s window. Yabai will remember the changed layout. If you later need to work in app B then you just “swap” it with app A’s window and it will take exactly the space you’ve set up. No more manually resizing. Just one shortcut.

I discovered yabai a few months ago and meanwhile can’t imagine ever using a computer again without it.