4k LG UltraFine Display Worth it?

Hey all,

I’m thinking of getting a Mac mini and connecting it up to a couple of the LG UltraFine 4k monitors Apple sells (model 24MD4KL). I’ve experimented with hooking up a Dell monitor as a second monitor for my iMac and was shocked at how bad the viewing experience was.

My basic question is this: are the LG 4k UltraFine displays any good (particularly for text-heavy work)?

I’ve been spoiled by the 5k Retina display of the iMac, but new iMacs are relatively scarce at the moment and I need to get some redundancy in my IT set up (which I use for home working as I own/run a small roleplaying game publishing company and I need a decent backup computer).

My wife uses the older 4K UktraFine and it’s worked out well.

Admittedly I don’t follow this stuff much and the only real things I hear about this is on ATP but are there any actual issues people have with these monitors? Most the criticism just seems to be its case is ‘ugly’ because it’s not the Apple design aesthetic.

I also use the older 4K Ultrafine. It’s great. AFAIK, there may be an advantage to the smaller model (more true pixels or something that are stretched for the larger one). I can’t remember, honestly, and the monitor tech/jargon bores me so I never really have attempted to understand it.

In short, I was v. concerned about this, purchased older/refurb, and have been completely happy with my choice.

BTW, linked price is inflated, I paid $450 for mine in January.

I had a cheap Dell HD monitor and an older LG 4K monitor. The dell was trash and the Lg was great.

Its beautiful. Screen is much like the retina macbook screens in terms of clarity and quality. Its probably not as good but honestly not noticeable doing spreadsheets and mostly text. I love that i also charges my 13’ MBP and has a UBC hub on the back. I plug my scanner, logitech mouse, and other devices on the back and use it like a docking station.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll pulled the trigger on a pair of Ultrafines. Can’t wait to see what they are like!

Been thinking of upgrading myself – let us know your impressions, when you have them.

I bought an LG 27UL500-W (also under the UltraFine banner) back in May for my PCs and aside from it not getting along with the HP docking station I got from work (I switched to a USB-C to HDMI adapter and things have been fine since; it works fine with my Thinkpad’s dock as well), I’ve had no trouble with it. It works great and is easy on the eyes.

I don’t know if it is “UltraFine” or not, but I bought a LG 27UK850-W 27" 4K monitor with a USB-C connector to use with my new (last summer) 27" iMac. It doesn’t calibrate quite as well but they are close and I can’t actually see the difference in resolution (both are running “looks like 2560x1440”). The built in speaker of the iMac produces better sound. The one Apple sells is nicer but more expensive.

I would not get any display that has just one input. If it takes up space on my desk and in my house, it has to be versatile. Multi input LG 5k2k for me.