4K Monitor Resolution

Hey folks,

I’ve just purchased a new LG 4K monitor for my MacBook Pro 13. I’m curious, I keep switching between having it in beautiful 4k high DPI resolution and the lower, ‘more space’ resolution.

Who has theirs with less space and higher DPI and who prefers the space over the resolution?


I have the setting for my 32" 4K monitor set to 3008x1692.
If I set it to the Default resolution the text is way to big. And if I set it to (even) more space I can’t read it anymore.

I have my 28" 4K monitor scaled at 2560x1440. This is perfect for my usage.

Any more, and I have trouble reading and with the 1080 scaling everything is far too big and I have insufficient desktop space.

28" 4K monitor here as well, and also scaled at 2560x1440. Very happy with this resolution now. I was scaled to 1920x1080 for a while but felt it just wasting a lot of space on a nice big monitor.

I frequently switch resolutions depending on the type of work that I’m doing. For example, If I’m editing a video in ScreenFlow then I’ll tend to use a higher resolution and when I’m responding to email I’ll tend to use a lower resolution (to have larger text)

There an excellent app called Displays that, among many other things, lets you assign global shortcut keys to specific resolutions on specific monitors.

In the following screenshot you’ll see that I have four shortcuts keys for the built-in display on my iMac and two for my external 4K monitor (which is in a portrait orientation).


2304x1296 on my older generation LG 4K. I enjoy having the extra real estate and it’s crisp enough.

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Tim, that’s a great idea. Thank you.

I spend most of my time at 3008x1692 but I occasionally would like to jump to 2560x.

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You’re very welcome. Good to hear this was helpful!