506: iOS Accessories


Never turn an iPod nano into a watch.

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I can already tell this is going to be a really expensive episode.


I like this a lot. Using it now!

joylink Universal Tablet Hand Strap Holder, 360 Degrees Swivel Leather Handle Grip with Elastic Belt, Secure & Portable for 10.1" Tablets (Samsung Asus Acer Google Lenovo iPad etc), Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019U1JFMS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_8ZrRDbGRKADAF

Got one for my Kindle too.

Whooboy… that’s a helluva lotta Amazon.com links…

BRB, I’m going to go put my credit card in a block of ice before I listen to this episode.

LOL… as if it’s not in 1Password…


I was pretty excited about the 4D Tech upgrade for Ford SYNC - especially given how phenomenally/comically/tragically bad SYNC was in 2013. Then I priced it out for my car: $2000. That’s a really expensive iPhone accessory even ignoring the car that it would be attached to. I do understand the “rage buy” impetus for a car with this entertainment system and I’d be very tempted on a newer vehicle, but…

I was looking at the posture-helping stick-to-your-back device in my local Apple store yesterday!!

Curious to hear how you find it, @MacSparky :smile:

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I have one! The older model but I find it very useful. It definitely helps.

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I have a Logitech keyboard case for my iPad Pro 9.7 that is both the worst and best iOS accessory I’ve had. It’s a Logitech Create which connects with Smart Connector rather than Bluetooth. That’s the best part: I’ve always hated the lag of Bluetooth and have always lamented that more iPad keyboards don’t use the Smart Connector. And typing on it works pretty well for me, better than most keyboards I’ve tried.

The worst is that the way they’ve designed the part that grips the iPad itself, there’s a flimsy bit of plastic due to the cutout for the speaker, that keeps breaking off. I returned the first case under warranty but the same thing happened to the second one within weeks. So now the iPad sort of stays in the case, but pops out way too easily.

When I replace this iPad (very soon), I’m either going to just go with the Apple Smart Keyboard or pick up a Brydge.

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I am absolutely in love with my Keychron K2 keyboard. I have created a problem for myself because I take it with me wherever I go, which isn’t super practical. So I now have to get a second keyboard (pre-ordering the K4 model) to keep at my office!


I have an Apple Watch band from Heyday I think it was $5 or $10 from Target, It’s pretty good no complaints. This is the first non Apple band I bought. Also, sometimes at Target you can get lucky and get Apples Apple Watch bands at Target for a big discount when there on clearance.

Mechanical keyboard lovers should check out the BT-500. It’s an adapter that turns your USB keyboard into Bluetooth. One less thing to physically plug into the side of the iPad, plus it makes your keyboard programmable.

Here you can see me use a keyboard shortcut on my iPad to launch Drafts:

Back to basics — an iPad case that supports multiple viewing angles — offers hands free viewing, enhances the use of a detached Bluetooth keyboard, protection…

Zugu brand in my case… Moko offers many less expensive choices.

Check out the bands from Clockwork Synergy. They sell direct but I think they’re also on Amazon. First heard about them from Mac writer John Moltz.

I heard @MacSparky mention fake reviews on the episode and I wanted to mention that there’s a service that can help you vet/sift through those:



You’re lucky. I got the wife a Hermes model and I try to get her one new Hermes band each year, for birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, etc. Those bands are beautiful, but not for those with light wallets!

Yeah I just use the rubber bands. Nothing fancy.

great episode…thanks!

here is one of my favorite iOS accessories - perfect for traveling with the Apple Watch. Much better than bringing the stock charger.

You know, you can always populate your Amazon wish list with the winter gift-giving holidays coming up. That’s my strategy at this point.

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My little Amazon hack is to put things into wish lists, make a note in the notes section for prices of Amazon brand products (which sites like CamelCamelCamel are forbidden from price-scraping), and then using a CSS-style extension for Chrome/Brave/Chromium to make blatant when there are price drops on an item, by highlighting the price drop. A couple of examples: