508: One for Me and One for You, with Sara Dietschy

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I really enjoyed getting into the pros and cons of video editing on the Mac vs. the PC. It’s not a topic we talk about much, but Apple’s GPU choices can really hinder some work.


Sara’s YT channel is so much fun, it’s been interesting to see her development over the last couple years. I have to tip my hat to her for the Windows deep dive she’s been doing over the last year (I think). She’s going with tech and processes that work for her, and sometimes it takes a bit of guts for Apple users to admit when we aren’t completely satisfied with Apple’s approach to things and need to step outside the ecosystem.

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Really fun episode - I like when we have guests that aren’t all in the Apple ecosystem.


@MacSparky Really enjoyed this episode, I heard you say at the start and end of the episode that you had to buy a new helmet because of watching the youtube videos, but I did not really understand why, care to enlighten us?

@mgguinne This interview sucked me in.


I loved this episode as well. But my favorites still remain the ones with true Mac power users that use tools such as Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander Hazel, Keybindings and more to get things done. By the way, If Sarah Dietschy is reading this post, I hope to be one of those people who purchase a Mac Pro but doesn’t work for Disney.


Great episode. I loved her approach and I liked that she was bringing a different perspective and workflows than we’re used to.

Wonderful episode! I have been hooked on Sara’s YouTube channel for some time. Well done!

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Loved this episode and having followed her a little while it is safe to say now I’m a little more in love with her :slight_smile:
Honestly though, good to see someone that uses something other than a mac a lot. There are so many people that have iPhones and windows or android’s and macs. That is a breath of fresh air to see.

That’s why I have a Windows PC under my desk, too. macOS has huge workflow advantages and several macOS-only applications make me stick to it.

But since I needed a lot of (GPU/CUDA) processing power, I built a PC for some heavy lifting.