510: The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide


About halfway through and loving the suggestions.

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I bought a bottle of this years ago from Apple and still have a lot of it left because you don’t need much.

I suspect everyone knows this, but don’t spray it on your Mac or iOS devices. Spray it onto a cleaning cloth, and then use that to clean the screen.

(I don’t like the individual wipes as much because they always seem to dry out before I use them. Not this product specifically but other single-use products I’ve tried before. YMMV.)

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I’ve used iKlear since the 80’s, I think. Good stuff. People with notebooks might appreciate the disposable wipes, which cost around $1 apiece (which of course is a lot more expensice than the spray bottle, but more convenient for travel).

Cool list of inexpensive apps over at AppleToolbox:

This year, the gift guide only cost me $60. (Flipside Wallet - agree on orange, nylon lightning cable) Very good suggestions.

I already have the Apple TV remote covers from a previous episode. If you have Apple TV, just go buy one of these as they are a huge help.

Why title “Holiday”? surely it should be Christmas


Christmas isn’t the only holiday celebrated this time of year. To be sure, it’s the holiday celebrated by the majority of people. But not all observe it, including some members of this forum.


I was hoping to find David’s field guide to Galaxies Edge since I’m going to be there this week. Any idea when it will be released?

The MacVoices videocast/podcast has its annual mult-part, multi-guest Holiday Gift Guide episodes going on now. The items recommended are in the show notes:

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The MacVoices Gift Guide podcast/vids series continues with episodes 4 and 5: