514: Apple is Listening — The 2019 Mac Pro, with Thomas Grove Carter

We were really excited to sit down and talk to Thomas about the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR have changed how he works.

I’m looking forward to listening to this episode. Meantime, I have a general question about the domains and applications for this machine. We talk about and hear from the creative professionals who can fully benefit from this much compute power. But beyond the category, what other domains would be an ideal customer for this? Universities? Labs?
Or are those all Linux workstation dominated?

I don’t mean to ask what sounds like noob (as my six-year-old would describe it) question, but I’d be really interested to hear and read about how these beasts are or will be used in additional domains beyond creative endeavors.

I enjoy hearing from the creative pros, too, so this is not meant in anyway to diminish or otherwise take away from the tremendous value of hearing from Carter. And, as I mentioned, I am looking forward to listening.

Linux and even Unix still play a large roll in these areas from what I have seen, but if people have macOS-based workflows, this would be a huge jump, especially if they need GPU power.

Is this the episode that would have come out on Dec 15th, or a “bonus” episode?

There will not be a new episode on Sunday.

Really good to hear a real world application for the Mac Pro. I think Apple really dropped the ball when they went with the trashcan, so much engineering knowledge was lost in that time.
I would have loved to know how the Pro compares to similarly specc’ed PC workstations. Is the Pro streamlined for working on video/GPU specifically?
So many comments on the Pro are “bhut mah peesee cahst leess”, maybe but if we got your pc beside a Pro, which tasks show the Pro to be the better choice? (assuming you’re in video/rendering/modeling/data-analysis or such)

That’s a really interesting discussion but as our guest was a FCP guy, we couldn’t really go there. Sara Dietschy and others have videos comparing things like Premiere and Resolve across platforms.

NOOOT😜! Or at least I’m seeing nothing in The Podcasts app.

No issues on Relay’s end. Maybe resubscribe?

good point, thanks for that quick reply, ismh! You are great!

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Just checked, and there is no new episode on the relay webside either as far as I can tell.

Took that screenshot right now. I guess I misunderstood your comment or something.

514 is the newest episode. 515 will be this Sunday.

You know what? I did not read that «not» in your original post. Pure wishfull thinking that I would get two episodes in one week… . Now i feel stupid,:slight_smile:.

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I’m curious. How does an episode like this one about ‘pre-release’ hardware come about? Does Apple tell to you that Thomas Grove Carter already has a MacPro and might be a good person to talk to? Does Apple give you a list of people who might be a good fit for an episode like this?

On the other hand, did you find Thomas outside of Apple? I know that he has previously appeared on Tyler Stalman’s podcast.