521: Taming Notifications

David, I’ll bite. I use Walkie-Talkie on my Watch frequently. Not daily, but often. I use it with my wife, one of my sons, and a couple friends. I could live without it, but I do find it useful.

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Haven’t finished listening to the episode yet, but I notice two losses from notifications.

1.Why did the “reply” button for message notifications get buried?
2. Why did we lose the option to snooze a reminder for 5 or 15 minutes?


Just today, while doing a performance review with one of my team members, I had several “taps on my shoulder” that felt like the equivalent of the hot dog eating contest analogy. I should have remembered to put it into DND (I’ll blame this head cold for that) but after listening to a lot of this episode on my commute in I realized I have work to do.

I just spent about fifteen minutes cleaning up the notifications on my iPhone and will do the same for my Watch. I never really thought about how little I need updates from the likes of Netflix/Amazon Prime. I also liked learning more about doing things differently on different devices (Yes, tell me on my phone and NOT on my Apple Watch when Amazon delivers something).

Thanks for helping me get over my FOMO and getting back some order!

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Listening to the show and Stephen is talking about the Noise app for the watch.

Sadly I do not have an Apple Watch. … That’s something I’d like (and did not know about); so I’ll look at V6 when it comes out (waiting for better battery life – I get 10 days from my Garmin Vivoactive HR, if I don’t use it to track a run/walk, etc. … 3-4 days, if I do track a walk, etc).

But there’s an app I thought I’d tell you all about!

SoundPrint is crowd sourced like Yelp but it allows one to rate and see ratings for restaurants and locations, based on their average sound levels!

The app allows us to take readings, upload ratings and notes about venues and also to check out places nearby (Red/Yellow/Green icons on a map) to see what sound levels others have encountered.

I forget to use it sometimes; but when I am in a noisy restaurant, I usually remember to take readings and post a note!

Disclaimer: They are not a client; but I have signed up for their ambassador program and got a free t-shirt a year or two ago (far as I know you can still do the same!). I hope the app continues to do well and that more people help build-up the crowd-sourced database!

I want notifications centre in the watch (pull down from home screen) to exactly mirror the iPhone. That way, I can have messages and alerts delivered silently but have the option of checking it on the watch periodically.

Great episode as always!! How do you set up the VIP for email? I thought I set it up but I’m not getting notified for a certain email I want to know about.

For i*OS, go in to the Mail app and click:

Select the contact that you would like to be in your VIP list. Click on the “VIP Alerts” link to take you to the Notifications area of the Settings app for the VIP mail where you can then set up your banner, badge and/or sounds.

If the VIP mail box is not visible, click “Edit” in the top right corner of the mailboxes list and select the VIP mailbox.

If you are working on Mac, sorry I can’t help you.

Hope this helps.


Thank you!! Not sure what I did last time but this time it worked.

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Where do you control notifications from Shortcuts? I can’t seem to find that option.

I’ve done something counterintuitive to ease news anxiety: Turned on news notifications on my phone.

Yes, on.

If the news notifications look like the usual baloney, then I know there’s no crisis requiring my immediate attention.

I used the same principle immediately post-9/11 with the technology available at that time. I had my clock radio tuned to wake me up with news radio. If the first words I heard were “Michael Jackson,” I knew there was no reason for me to rush to look at headlines.