525: Workflows with David Wain

Can you not take a MacBook Pro into the Apple Store and get a new battery anymore? I did that with my 2012 MacBook Air a few years ago and was in and out in less than an hour.

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You can manage your wireless networks on a Mac and it is actually helpful to order them because your Mac will search for these networks in the order you set.
Go to System Preferences --> Network --> WiFi (on the left list of network interfaces) --> click the Advanced… button on the right --> Wi-Fi tab / Preferred Networks. Delete old or unnecessary WiFi networks and click and drag to reorder them. Place your most preferred ones at the top of the list; your Mac will search this list in order from the top down. I believe this list syncs with your iOS devices as well.

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The State was so good. It’s so weird that David Wain is on MPU…I love it.

I still quote bits from that show with the people who remember and get funny looks from everyone else.

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I didn’t understand that either or I found it hard to accept, maybe somebody could clarify?

I had my battery replaced on my 2014 MacBook Pro a few months ago too. I thought it was just not user replaceable and was a fixed to some other component so it all had to be changed and could only be done by Apple. It would be a factor for me in buying a new one. I couldn’t find anything to this effect online doing the usual cursory search… Any takers? @ismh ?

On any recent notebook, the battery is not user replaceable, but must be done by an Apple store or AASP. I meant to get back around to that in the interview but didn’t get a chance.

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There is an application that allows collaborative editing on plain-text files: SubEthaEdit. Mac only, but it has different background colors for each collaborator

Wheeew, that was a panic though, I was hoping that was what was meant. I never tried replacing one myself anyway to be honest.

Fantastic show by the way. I use First Draft and… well yeah. I use the story board a lot but in an idiosyncratic way. It is ‘bumpy’ though and I have a lot of Keyboard Maestro macros to navigate it using keyboard.

Yes, but the interview made it seem like he couldn’t even get it repaired at the Apple Store. I wonder if he’s just too busy to be without his Mac for any length of time. I was under the impression that it wasn’t a service that required the computer to be sent out, but I haven’t bought a Mac laptop since 2012.

David Wain talks about another app for drawing, other than Procreate. I can’t hear what it is called, and I would like to check it out. Did anyone catch the name of that app?

Was listening to the most recent episode.

ShortcutDetective (free, no personal affiliation at all) will show you which app is wired up to a particular shortcut: http://www.irradiatedsoftware.com/labs/


My issue is that once you have over, say, 50 networks in there, you can’t sort them alphabetically, or in any other way, so it becomes extremely difficult to manage that list or even locate the ones that you want to delete. And they are also stuck in that unnecessarily small scrolling window. It’s an example of something that has been in the Mac system for many years that would be extremely easy to fix, but they never do it.

When David Wain brought up keyboard conflicts, I almost screamed in agreement. This has been a huge frustration for me for years.

@scottwater, I have tried ShortcutDetective in the past. Maybe it’s been updated in the last year or so, but when I used it, it did not “detect” most hotkey commands from 3rd party apps like Fantastical, Keyboard Maestro, Moom, etc. It seems like something that has to be done at the system level, so I guess it has to be done by Apple. But there’s no reason (that I can think of), that this could be a tab in the “Keyboard” System Preference.

I listened to it again and sped down my podcast player.
And I think I heard the name of the app:

I was interested to hear David talk about the beat of nvUltra. Has anyone here tried it? At this point, I wonder if it has a home for me. I’m loving Drafts for short-term text processing and I’m liking-but-not-loving Ulysses for long-term text storage.

The funniest part was David nearly saying “a couple of years” but switching to ”some time” when talking about Apple implementing the new keyboards in the complete laptop line. Nearly spilled my coffee, haha:)

What is First Draft? I will try it - can’t find online.

That’s correct chMohn!

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Perhaps he meant that he first uses Drafts; in the past he’s written he uses Drafts and Ulysses.