530GB of purgeable storage MAcOS

Hi, understand that an app like Daisy Disk can delete purgeable files but what I would like to know is whether I should do this or not.

As you can see from the pic below I have quite a big purgeable amount. I believe this has happened as I have gone from having all my photos stored locally to now being ‘optimised’.

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 12.35.36

Backblaze is reporting I am running out of space. So not sure what to do. Is it safe to try and delete it or should I just leave it?


No one wants to give advice in this one. Not sure if we’re not fully comfortable with icloud or just unsure.

First, you should have a physical backup in addition to Backblaze. Use time machine or a clone utility like carbon copy cloner or superduper. Both would be nice to have. Keep the backup in case you find something missing.

Purgable space doesn’t mean you automatically delete files. Some files you can delete but others you shouldn’t.

These links give more info.

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The second linked article gives the clearest explanation of purgeable space, and what you can do about it. Good find, @mrarlen.

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